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Over the years I have worked extensively with clients in various recovery programs.  In particular people with ADHD may struggle with a number of problems or issues that require special interventions or treatment.  In many cases these individuals benefit from participating in one of the many 12-Step programs available in almost every community in this country.  If you do participate in one of these groups then you are accustomed to hearing other participants share "their story".  This story often takes years of hard work to define, and it can certainly change in important ways over the years following its creation. 

One of the most unique and probably most therapeutic or curative aspects of a story is that the sharing offers a number of benefits.  First of all there is a "freeing" the individual feels in sharing.  But also other participatnts benefit from hearing another person's story.  I will share more about this in the section on "Recovery".  Right now I share this information for those who may not be familiar with the process of sharing one's story.  Below is my story.  But beware, it is a work in progress and it will most certainly change as time goes on.  And no, it is not a completely open account of my experience.  But it is enough to give an interested reader valid information about how I came to the profession of being an "ADHD Coach".  And perhaps it will give you the courage to begin to think about your own story. 


Like so many diagnosed with ADHD I struggled for many years to understand challenges I faced but did not understand.  To make that long story short it was when I was in graduate school that the light first went on.  I was taking a graduate course in educational assessment.  As part of the course we would run around with our testing kits testing anyone who would give us an hour of their time.  That was a great experience and I came to understand cognition and cognitive processing with a whole new perspective.  We also tested one another.  After completing a battery of educational assessments we then wrote reports summarizing the data for the given client.  And again we did this for each other. 

I will never forget the look on my classmate's face when we sat down so that she could go over my test results with me.  She was actually a guidance counselor in a public school.  That was fortunate because she had a lot of experience working with children with all manner of problems. 

(To be continued)

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