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About Me

Again, this page is under construction.  I ask your patience while the work is being completed. 

Michael Martin, M.Ed. is a Life Coach specializing in working with individuals diagnosed with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder.

With over 30 years experience as a psychotherapist, marriage and family therapist, and consultant Mike brings a breadth of experience to his role as an ADHD coach.

When asked about how he became a professional coach specializing in working with adults diagnosed with ADHD, Mike will often respond, "Well, that's an interesting story.  How much time do you have?"  So, it's important that he tells the story in his own words.  If you want to read about Mike's journey to become an ADHD Coach then go to the next section, appropriately titled My Story


B.A., Psychology, University of Houston, 1979
M.Ed., Counseling, University of Houston, 1981


Post graduate work in Educational Psychology, University of Houston, 1982-1986
Certification Course, Neurofeedback
Certification Course, Alpha-Theta Neurofeedback


  • Basic Through Advanced Hypnotism Certification Training Course, Omni Hypnosis Training Center, DeLand, Florida, 2003 (www.omnihypnosis.com)
  • Introduction to Ericksonian Hypnosis, Houston Erickson Institute, Houston.  (http://www.mhehouston.com/)
  • Numerous seminars and workshops dealing with various aspects of clinical hypnosis and self-hypnosis.


MEDIATION: University of Houston Law Center, Worklife Institute (Houston)



Professional Activities and Memberships

Certified Consulting Hypnotherapist, member, National Guild of Hypnotists (www.ngh.net)


United States Army, April 1966 - January 1970.  My military service might not seem to relate to my subsequent career as either a therapist or as a Life Coach.  However in the mode of whatever doesn't kill you makes you stronger, I am continually amazed at how my four years in the Army helped me to grow and become the man I am today.  I had a number of duty assignments, but the one with the greatest significance was to serve on the staff of the Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe (SHAPE).  SHAPE is located outside the small town of Mons, Belgium about 30 miles from Brussels.  What began as a smattering of college French actually became conversational fluency thanks to drive and ambition, language training provided to staff personnel, and my dogged determination to make the most of my time in that idyllic little country.  

I was privileged to be awarded the first award for the Outstanding Soldier of the Quarter for United States Military Personnel at SHAPE.  The duty assignments and responsibilities were far beyond anything I could have achieved in civilian life at the tender age of 21 and without a college degree.  While these assignments were generally classified, again, they molded me in ways I did not appreciate at the time.  One assignment that was not classified was that of a military courier.  In that capacity I delivered classified packages all over Europe and saw a great deal of that continent at government expense.  

To be clear, I had been on orders to Vietnam on 3 separate occasions.  Each time the orders were changed at the last minute, with the last change ordering me to SHAPE, where I served out my enlistment.  I finally accepted that God simply had other plans for me.  There was some real peace in that acceptance at a time when so many of my friends and fellow soldiers were being shippied off to combat zones.  Some of them did not make it back alive from those assignments, something I keep near to my heart and soul to this day.  

Union Baptist Association Center for Counseling, 1983-1990, 1994-2005

My 20 years at the Center for Counseling stand as the centerpiece of my professional experience.  My work with the Center was typical of that in any community counseling center.  I worked with individuals, couples and families dealing with a wide range of issues.  Since this was a Christian counseling center I had the wonderful opportunity to explore and deal with the spiritual issues of many of my clients.  This is a dimension of life that therapists in secular counseling centers seldom can experience.  Sadly, the Center for Counseling closed its doors in 2006 after 30 years of ministering to the needs of the people and families of this huge city. 

It was during this time that I also began to broaden the scope of my professional training.  In particular I worked to develop my skill in using clinical hypnosis, as well as the application of trance work to assisting my clients in resolving the issues they brought to therapy.  Later on I received extensive training in the field of neurofeedback.  This was primarily to assist me in working with the growing number of clients I was seeing who were diagnised with ADHD. 

Working at the Center also offered me the opportunity to expand my services beyond the therapy office.  I began to work more and more in the field of consulting, both with churches and pastors and with small business owners, some of whom I later came to realize were themselves ADHD.  It's interesting how the Lord directs our paths, isn't it?

I also began to seek professional training in two additional fields of practice, Life Coaching and Mediation.

Life Coaching in particular drew my attention because I found it to be such a wonderful modality for working with a broad range of clients who did not present with serious mental health issues.  Using the coaching model gave me a way of responding to the needs of business and professional people from a non-clinical perspective.  The two groups where I found coaching to be most applicable was working with pastors and working with small business owners. 
The two actually have much in common.  Later on I began to rely almost exclusively on coaching when working with clients with ADHD.  I continue on this path today.

Mediation:  I also sought training and certified and credentialed as a mediator. This is not as much of a change in course as it might appear at first glance.  Therapists, especially those with extensive training systems theory and in marriage and family counseling as I had, have a strong background in helping clients work through the process of conflict.  Mediation is simply one more approach to helping clients with conflict resolution. 

One of the avenues I wanted to explore professionally was to set up a fully operational program dealing with mediation and conflict resolution in the Church.  That turned out to be a tough sell as I was slightly ahead of my time.  The American Association of Christian Counselors (www.aacc.net) later developed an comprehensive program devoted to training mediators for working in the ministry.

I still believe that this service would have proven valuable to both to the Center and to UBA to meeting the needs of many individuals, organizations and families in our community.  Based upon my 35 years of experience working in and around the Church, I often tell people that if you want to deal with conflict, get involved with the Church -- any church, anywhere.  There is not a drip of sarcasm in that statement.  Thankfully, AACC is going to revamp its mediator training program and reissue it to its members.  Not a moment too soon as far as I am concerned.  (My two cents!)

In the end, I did realize that mediation was simply another path to conflict resolution and began to incorporate the techniques of mediation in my work with clients in a variety of areas.  It has been knowledge well used. 

Psychiatric and Family Services, 1991-1994

In 1991 I left the Center for Counseling to work in the office of Paulo Bettega, M.D.  Dr. Bettega had long been the psychiatric consultant for the Center and he and I had developed a close working relationship.  At the time I was spending a great deal of my efforts working with eating disorders, including anorexia, bulimia, and morbid obesity, and had decided that I could be more effective working in a medical environment.  This was a wonderful and productive three years, but I missed the ministry aspects of my work and ultimately returned to the Center.  The knowledge and experience of working in a medical practice has served me well all these years and I will be eternally grateful to Dr. Bettega for providing me with this opportunity. 

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